WATA was started as a group in late 2015, today we are the first and only(as of now) Urban Exploration group in Saudi Arabia. We initially started as a group of four, hence the name WATA which is a collection of our initials. However, two of the initial members left early-on due to personal reasons and the group is mostly me(A2) and T. All online aspects of the group like the blog and other sites are handled by me, while T finds locations and does the editing work for the videos.

About us? We cannot give away any personal info for the sake of preserving our identity. We have stated earlier that we are teenagers and are enthusiasts of Photography as well.

You can support us by viewing our social media and leaving any message of support like a like or a comment. All of which is gladly appreciated. For those living in Jeddah, you can also leave us a tip about any potential site to explore by heading over to the contact page or mailing us. All tips are appreciated.

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Become one with your city, explore it.