Abandoned Warehouse

Hot, the first thought which came to my head. Summer was clearly right around the corner.

We had been Recce-ing a cluster of Abandoned Warehouses which we spotted while on the hunt for new locations to explore. Eerie and quiet, it was almost perfect.

You can almost smell the assorted chemicals

We entered the area at around 1345hrs and began looking for a possible way into one of the warehouses. According to our recce, we had just around 3 hours before people would start milling around the area.

At 1400hrs, found an entrance to one of the warehouses. Upon entry, we were greeted with a wave of dust and soot in our faces. We had our N95s yet we absent mindedly forgot to gear up with eye protection. As we made our way through, it appeared as if the whole unit suffered immense fire damage and was abandoned as a result. Prying around, we found scrags and jute bags which pointed out that it was once upon a time, a warehouse for either storing or packaging rice. Upon closer inspection we realized the ground was teeming with silverfish, which seemed obvious, considering the unit’s history.

The unit was divided in two halves;

The first half was teeming with silverfish and the ground was littered with scraps and rags. This side showed signs of fire damage and was quite sooty, blocking our vision to a degree. There was a charred metal structure which had buckled to a certain extent due to fire. We were quite worried about exploring the site as the floor was also littered with scaffolding and the roof seemed to be quite unstable. We kept a timeframe of 45m as a result.

The first half, with the metal structure in focus.

The second half wasn’t very interesting. It had a staircase leading to a partially destroyed room littered with old L&M packs and the corresponding cigarette butts which when coupled with the soot, gave the room quite a prolific scent.DSC_0023.JPG

Quite the lonesome tyre

The ground was more or less sooty and had random objects littered about which included a few stray tires,pallets and a package containing insulation(?)

The staircase in itself was rickety but it gave a bird’s view of the entire complex so one can’t really complain, can they?


Birds chillin on the roof

After that, we reached our time limit and decided to leave. We were spotted by a guard who demanded to see all of our pictures and our ID’s, which we hesitantly provided.

Once he was assured that we were just a duo of teen photographers, he let us go. Although if he wasn’t sure, we could’ve been arrested for tresspassing.




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