Exploring an abandoned printing press

Abandoned Printing press

I have no set date for this entry. We have tried and tried but repeatedly failed to access this site. I would love to give as many pictures as I can but once again, I assume it would be easily recognizable from the surroundings. 

The building I speak of, is an abandoned printing press, or so we believe it to be one as its ceiling appeared to be made of noise absorbing material, the kind you would usually find in a printing press. Though its current owner is unknown to me( no information on the yellow pages either), there appears to be a small amount of development on the site since the past 2-4 months which has hindered our exploration.

Lets start with an introduction to a site which has caused us both elation and sadness. It has been an object of our curiosity since 2010 and the structure has more or less remained the same.

December the 25th, 2015[(the same day we visited the abandoned mall)mentioned in an earlier post]. Me(A2) and T decided to take a recce of the building. There were two possible entrances. The one in the front required scaling a fence, which was no problem. The problem was that the fence was exposed and it faced the public while the rear area was not quite, though a road went alongside it. 

We found our window of opportunity and jumped the fence. Our recce was short and brief and we did find out the layout of the building. I managed to take a picture of the building plans.

My editing in Paint is beyond basic

The building had a barren, empty lobby caked with dust. All the doors inside the lobby were locked or chained. There were signs of dilapidation as the ceiling caved in one area. We were careful not to disturb anything. Not finding anything of interest there, we decided to explore further and walked within the perimeter of the fence. Immediately, we stumbled upon an emergency exit to the basement. Excited with our find, we found out that the lock was broken. Can this day get any better?

Proceeding further, we met with an eerily quiet staircase. The wind rushed through from behind, creating sounds I can only describe as eerie. There was no light, so we took our flashlights and walked further. Heading upwards, we stumbled upon a board stating ممنو ادخل (employees only). There was no one present.

Opening another emergency exit, we met with a rush of air which was cooler than the surroundings. It took us a minute or two to grasp the size of the place. It was much bigger than any of our previously explored areas. Overwhelmed, we took a short recce of the area and left, vowing to return once we planned everything to the end.

We returned on March 19 to the site, this time it was me(A2) and T only. Once we managed to jump the fence up front, we met with a shock; there appeared to be development in the site and the emergency exit had a new lock. We had taken 2-3 scouting runs before the 19th and had probably left of red flags to whomever owned the place. Disappointed, we tried to explore the lobby but there wasn’t much to it, save for layers of dust and caved in ceilings. 

We left the place, but then an idea struck us;What about checking out the rear entrance route?  It was much more exposed and there was a security guard nearby. I took the jump. Heading further, I called out for T to arrive as the coast was clear. Receiving no clear response, I decided to hide behind a bush as it was the only possibility in that case.

After a minute of waiting in the dark, he called out my name with an urgency I never noticed before, heading upwards, I realized that we had to leave immediately and we ran. Apparently a Police car was cruising the area and it was unsafe at this point to go any further.

Soon, they installed a security guard at the site. There went any of our plans to visit the site in the future.





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